The first episode has been filmed in Pakistan’s border town of Peshawar, and talks about an unusual type of refugees – artists.
The Taliban interpretation of Islam, ruling Afghanistan today, does not recognize art as a permissible form of expression, including traditional Afghani music.

The Rubab is the traditional Afghani string-instrument, and one that can be only found in this part of the world. The master musicians of the rubab, once respected artists of their community, suddenly found themselves unwelcome overnight, and had to flee to the
neighboring country of Pakistan, fearful for their lives.

​​Having arrived in Peshawar, they founded an artist colony, where different schools of 
musicians gather regularly to practice their craft. In each room of this unique building, a specific style of Rubab playing is cultivated, in an incomparable effort to preserve the Afghani culture.

Music by:                      Samuel Sacher​​

Directed by:                  Daniel Ridicki
Associate Producers:  Arieb Azhar, Branka Ridicki, Suren De Silva