Ibrahim Hyderi is an old fishing village in Pakistan, that the megapolis of Karachi has simply devoured, turning it into one of it’s quarters. Not so long ago the fishermen of Ibrahim Hyderi were a prosperous community and there was fish in abundance. Today, as a consequence of uncontrolled over-fishing and pollution, the gulf of Karachi has lost its fish. Thus the traditional life of the local fishermen – one of the most colorful communities of the Subcontinent - is also endangered.

Caught between multinational companies, that are harvesting all the fish; and local urban pollution, that has transformed the coast of Karachi into a stinking canal; the fishermen of Sindh have nowhere to turn to. Unlike their cousins on the Indus River, who had to give up their fishing trade and ancestral homes, because of the pollution of the river, and turn to agriculture, the fishermen of Ibrahim Hyderi have no other alternative: they live by the edge of the sea. On the other side of the sea is the unfertile desert of
Tharpakar, sand and scorching heat.

​​This film records, perhaps the last days of a dying culture of the Indian Subcontinent.

Music by:                        Samuel Sacher​​​

Directed by:                    Daniel Ridicki
Associate Producers:     Arieb Azhar
                                       ​Branka Ridicki
                                       Suren De Silva