Fields of Fear

​A tale as old as time – The conflict between man and beast seems never-ending. Evolution had established man as the dominant species – but the responsibility that comes with that power as far as animals are concerned has been fleeting, with much left to be desired.

In Sri Lankaʼs vast rural landscape these two worlds collide regularly. Farmers and elephants are not at a stalemate but continue an undeclared war where the rules are vague, the boundaries are misunderstood and survival is the only prerogative….

​As human development increases, the habitat which elephant herds have known for millennia deplete, and their migratory corridors gradually close in on them leaving them engulfed in what is slowly turning into a battlefield.

Music by:        Samuel Sacher
​​Directed by:    Daniel Ridicki
Produced by:  Suren De Silva VideoImage, Sri Lanka