​This film describes the efforts of the Tibetan government in exile on the preservation of the original Tibetan identity, endangered from the time of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The spiritual and political leader of the Tibetans, the Dalai Lama, has established not only a government in exile, but also a number of agencies and institutes for the preservation of Tibetan identity and heritage.

​​Unlike similar cases, the Tibetans try not to hate their conquerors, but through peaceful means secure their rights in their own country. The refugee children from Tibet are accepted in the Tibetan Children Village, where they are taughtTibetan language and tradition of compassion and non-violence, thus respecting the most important segment of their culture. At the same time Tibetans are aware of the changes in the modern world, leading irrevocably towards globalisation, and try to cope with them in their own way.

Music by:                           Samuel Sacher​​
Directed by:                       Branka Ridicki
Associate Producer:          Suren De Silva
Produced by:                     Daniel Ridicki